Sorella Signature Massage

Nourish, hydrate, detoxify, increase blood flow, and improve immune system function all while enjoying our crafted Swedish massage technique. This service incorporates a proprietary blend of essential oils into your massage for an immersive massage experience.

Sorella Signature Massage: $85  (60min) 


Swedish Massage

A relaxing massage techniques featuring long, firm but gentle strokes intended for relaxation, body detox and overall enjoyment. A great option for a first time massage.

Swedish Massage: $110  (90min) 

Swedish Massage: $85  (60min)

Swedish Massage: $45 (30min)


Deep Tissue Massage

A firm, slow and therapeutic massage technique incorporating strong, deep strokes to reach into the muscle and alleviate many ailments including pain, knots, tension and soreness.

Deep Tissue Massage: $120  (90min)

Deep Tissue Massage: $90  (60min)


Hot Stone Massage

Incorporate strategically placed warm stones into our Swedish massage technique for increased muscle tension relief, relaxation and overall experience.

Hot Stone Massage: $95   (60min) 


Prenatal Massage

Treat swollen limbs, aching joints, and discomfort and improve circulation, stress and pain relief of mothers-to-be.

Prenatal Massage: $95  (60min)